book Madalina Moraru, Mit si publicitate (Myth and advertising) (Bucharest: Nemira, advertising, stereotypes, marketing, ethical dimension, Madalina Moraru. In Mit ┼či publicitate/Myth and advertising volume, by Madalina Moraru highlights the advantages, but also the disadvantages of maintaining of the stereotypes in. Madalina Moraru, University of Bucharest, Facultatea de Jurnalism si Myth and Advertising/Mit si publicitate, Bucharest, Nemira Publishing House more.

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Mental representations have, first, a symbolic substance kadalina, and then a practice that generates them Moscovici,p. In a sense, Central and Eastern European countries reacted similarly to this transition from an authoritarian, dictatorial system to a democratic one, but they proceeded to adapt differently to the Western mentality.

207391067 Mit Si Publicitate de Madalina Moraru

B placing the product ; the positioning phenomenon binds consumer to the product and it keeps him faithful; stereotyping is an option to retain mental representations established with effort, by keeping the most important attribute of the product: Chathelat supports this idea saying: The results of this study will be representative for the quantitative and qualitative approach.

From strategic planning to the media implementation.

It is related to gender because it is the essence of self-identity. European Journal of Science and Theology 10 3, These projected imaginary situations are based on an encompassing value structure with which the consumer is already familiar.

Transition from Communism to Democracy in Romanian Advertising more. Social and Cultural Anthropology.


The present research focuses on identifying local features in order to make a comparison with the global characteristics. In other words, in the first case the focus is on events and situations presented in the image, while in the second case, the maadlina is on how the image is created.

Currently, in achieving products for mass products for the audience including commercials it is given high importance both to the product content, chosen symbols and how the product is presented, as in the case of commercials.

The shorter the message is, the easier is to remember. The political integration into the European Union was a good start for changes in Romanian advertising, which became less local due to globalization.

Artikel berikut digabungkan di Scholar. The campaign consists in promoting local products under the brand Romanian Flavors, well-known on the market ever since The imagery in this area is that of idealized human beings.

InBernard Cathelat said: Ten Years of Facebook, Communicating Messages through Advertising. Medieval History, Modern Mythistory.

Madalina Moraru (Buga) – Pengutipan Google Scholar

Aspects of Homogeneity and Heterogeneity in Beer Commercials: Even if the retailer particularly commercializes Delhaize products, this campaign was meant to create a traditional atmosphere, gain customers’ trust and make a difference between the global and local market. Although production of advertising images can be innovative in terms of techniques and visual forms, it remains, however, most of the time, conservative and repetitive in its contents.

It presents activities specific to leisure hours because they are the moments dedicated to the self. The more a trait is communicable, the greater will be its chances to be part of stereotyping content and the stereotypes based on it will be more persistent over time.


Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 9, No 1 (2015)

The campaign consists in However it should not be too familiar or commonplace in order to determine indifference or even rejection by the consumers. Everything functioned as in a factory, based on the same regulations, constantly estranged from the capitalist world, mostly characterized by freedom of choice, variety, autonomy, media and business. The ideal of feminine beauty presents a commercial image of beauty, but not a healthy one.

Even today, this political situation is far from stable, as citizens of formerly communist countries need time to learn to live and work differently, after so many years of monopoly. The classic example of this technique is the use of perfume commercials, which typically take the form of juxtapositions between two images: Accordingly, account planners and copywriters started to organize campaigns on both levels, adjusting the promotional message according to each channel.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The present paper intends to illustrate the way the image of the elderly in advertising has been conveyed during the last 25 years, after the fall of Communism in Romania.