Nokia Music. FM radio. Sync music between your phone and PC. Marketplace. Games. Office. Microsoft Office Mobile. User Guide. Manual – Nokia Lumia – Windows Phone – Smart Guides. View and Download Nokia Lumia user manual online. Lumia Cell Phone pdf manual download. Also for: Lumia , Lumia , Lumia , Lumia .

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Do not connect incompatible products.

Nokia Lumia Manual | Mobile Phone Manuals

This feature is not available in all languages. For more info on feature and service availability, see the How-to section at www. Make sure the contact area is facing up, and put the card into the holder. Put the card holder back into the phone, and press and slide the holder to the right.

Close the cover of the micro-USB connector. First connect the USB cable to the computer, then to your phone. When the battery is full, first disconnect the USB cable from your phone, then from the computer. Switch your phone on, and start exploring it. Press and hold the power key until the phone vibrates.

Switch the phone off Press and hold the power key, and drag the lock screen down. If you have previously backed up your contacts in Windows Live, you can also import them to your phone straight from the service. If your contacts are written in a language that is not supported by your new phone, the contact information may not be shown correctly.

Change the volume Trouble hearing your phone ringing in noisy environments, or calls too loud? You can change the volume to your liking. Use the volume keys.

If you have previously used another app, such as Nokia Ovi Suite or Nokia Suite, to sync your files between your phone and computer, you can set Zune to sync files to the same folders you have used earlier, and have your majual and other content easily synced to your new phone. The type of mobile network you’re currently connected to may be shown with a single letter, a combination of letters, or a combination of letters and numbers.

For example,depending on your network service provider. The icons may vary depending on your region or network service provider. You can also search inside an app, such as Marketplace. Switch between views If you don’t have all the apps you need on your start screen, you can find them from the apps menu. Simply swipe left or right between the views. To open further options, place your finger on an item until the menu opens.

To open an app or other item, tap the app or item. To edit or delete a calendar appointment, tap and hold the appointment, and select the appropriate option. Tap and hold to drag an item Place your finger on the item for a second or two, and slide your finger across the screen. Swipe Place a finger on the screen, and slide your finger in the desired direction.


Where allowed, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network to, for example, browse the internet or switch Bluetooth on lumiz flight mode. Move a tile Tap and hold the tile, drag and drop it to the new location, and tap the screen.

Tap Background or Accent colour. Personalise the lock screen Would you like to make your lock screen look more unique? Lumiaa can, for example, set your own favourite photo as a background picture. If you have set your phone to pumia, vibrate mode is switched on instead of silent mode. Your network service provider can charge you a fixed fee for data transfer or on a pay as you use basis.

To use the optimal connection method, change the Wi-Fi, mobile data, and mail download settings. The example shows the English keyboard. Switch between upper and lower case characters Tap the shift key. To switch caps lock mode on, double-tap the key.

To return to normal mode, tap the shift key again. Tap the language key repeatedly until the language you want is shown.

Nokia Lumia 800 User Manual

The language key is only shown when more than one language is selected. Move the cursor Tap and hold the text until you manua the cursor. Without lifting your finger, drag the cursor to the place you want. Your phone also learns new words when you have written them a few times. Tap your language keyboard, and clear the Suggest text and highlight misspelt words check box. Point the camera at a code. Keep the camera steady, and make sure what you’re scanning is completely visible in the camera viewfinder.

Try scanning the following code, and see what happens. You can set your phone to update the time, date, and time zone automatically.

Automatic update is a network service. Nokia account Your Nokia account is the key to Nokia services. With your Nokia account, you can, for example: Use your voice to make a call You can use your voice to call a contact. Press and hold 2. Say Call and the contact’s lujia. If asked, type in the voicemail password.


You can listen or reply to voicemail messages, delete them, or record a greeting message. In the call history list, tap a phone number and 3.

Tapedit the phone number and phone number type, and tap 4. Social 8000 services on your phone keep you connected. The social networking services are third-party services and not provided by Nokia.

Check the privacy settings of the social networking service you are using, as you may share info with a large group of people. At the top of your contacts list, tap your own contact card and your photo. Tap your photo again, and in the Pictures hub, tap a new photo. Your service provider may charge accordingly. Characters with accents, other marks, or some language options, take more space, and limit the number of characters that can be sent in a single message.


You can view the messages between you and a contact in one conversation thread. The thread can contain text messages, multimedia messages, and chats. For info on the supported languages, go to support. To use this feature, you must be connected to the internet.

Say Text and the contact’s name. Say your message, and follow the instructions you hear. If you didn’t sign in to your Microsoft account during the first start-up, you can do it now. When you add a Microsoft account to your phone, manuak mail account is added automatically.

On the start screen, tap 2. Tap an account, and write your username and password.

Nokia Lumia 800 Manual / User Guide

Exchange ActiveSync account settings. With Exchange ActiveSync, it may be mandatory to use the lock code. Open mail from the start screen With live mail tiles you can open mail directly from the start screen.

In your mailbox, tap the mail. Unread mail is marked in a different colour. To zoom in or out, place two fingers on the screen, and slide them together or apart. Is your mailbox overflowing? Delete some mails to free up space in your phone.

In your mailbox, tap to the left of the mails you want to delete. In the this inbox list, tap the inboxes you want to unlink and unlink. Delete a mailbox If you don’t want to use a mailbox anymore, you can delete it from your phone. Tap and hold the mailbox, and tap delete. Take a photo without using maanual camera lmuia To focus on a specific object or area, tap the object or area on the screen. Hold the phone still until the white square stops blinking.

Here are some tips to lumiz you get the most out of your phone camera. Shot lots of great photos and videos? Here’s how you view, organise, and share them. Pictures hub The manuxl you have taken or videos you have recorded with your phone are saved lumiia the Pictures hub, where you can browse and view them. Tap and hold the photo. Mark a photo as a favourite Would you like to find your best shots quickly and easily?

Mark them as favourites, and see them in the favourites view in the Pictures hub. Select the photo, and tap Tip: