lldb cheat sheet. Execution Commands start lld (prefix with xcrun on os x). >lldb [ ]. >lldb — arg1 load program. >file LLDB Cheat Sheet. A complete gdb to lldb command map. Print out. Print object. (lldb) po responseObject (lldb) po [responseObject [email protected]”state”]. LLDB Debugger commands. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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Write a new decimal value ” to the current thread register ‘rax’.

First we need to set the program to debug. The individual commands are pretty extensively documented.

LLDB Quick Start Guide

One alias of note that we do include commandx popular demand is a weak emulator of gdb’s “break” command. The question of disabling stdio when running brings up a good opportunity to show how to set debugger ldb in general.

Show the arguments that will be or were passed to the program when run. Display the variables argc and argv every time you stop. After you launch or attach to a process, your process might stop somewhere:. Ensure that breakpoints by file and line work for included.

Fix typos or links Fix incorrect information Add or update code samples Add or update illustrations Add information about Launch a process with arguments in new terminal window Mac OS X only. For instance, break by selector would set a breakpoint on all the methods that implement that selector in the classes in your program.

In LLDB, type the following:. Remap source file pathnames for the debug session. Getting Started Here’s a short precis of how to run lldb if you are familiar with the gdb command set. Just like gdb, the lldb command interpreter does a shortest unique string match on command names, so the following two commands will both execute the same command: Well, with the search LLDB command, you can dynamically hunt for all instances of a class on the heap.


Show the values for the register named rax in the current thread formatted as binary. In that case, you will see all the threads that stopped for some interesting reason listed in the stop message. Show the local variables for the current frame. Disassemble the current function for the current frame and show the opcode bytes.

GDB and LLDB Command Examples

That is, lldb will always make a breakpoint from your specification, even if it couldn’t find any locations that match the specification. Write a new decimal value to the current thread register rax.

If your source files are no longer located in the same location as when the program was built maybe the program was built on a different computer you need to tell the debugger how to find the sources at their local file path instead of the build system’s file path. You can view the available settings with ” settings list ” and there is help on the settings command explaining how it works more generally.

This means the LLDB commands were not successfully installed. Attach to a remote GDB protocol server running on the system eorgaddport When attaching to a process by name, lldb also supports the ” –waitfor ” option which waits for the next process that has that name to show up, and attaches to it lldb process attach –pid lldb process attach –name Sketch lldb process attach –name Sketch –waitfor After you launch or attach to a process, your process might stop somewhere: Note that setting a breakpoint creates a logical breakpoint, which could resolve to one or more locations.

Your aliases are also documented in the help command so you can remind yourself of what you’ve set up. Then when you’ve made all your breakpoints, you can set up or modify the options using the name to collect all the relevant breakpoints. Display the variables argc and argv only when you stop in the function named main. How helpful is this document?


There are many commands that won’t work while running, and the command interpreter should do a good job of letting you know when this is the case. This will break on any C functions named main. Show all registers in all register sets for commabds current thread. You can also make a breakpoint name from the options set on a breakpoint: The frame variable command will also perform “object printing” operations on variables currently we only support ObjC printing, using the object’s “description” method.

Save binary memory data to a file starting at 0x and ending at 0x Setting breakpoints by name is even more specialized in LLDB as you can specify that you want to set a breakpoint at a function by method name.

LLDB to GDB Command Map

Supply a catchall directory to search for source files in. Type ‘DONE’ to end.

You can tell whether the expression was resolved or not by checking the locations field in “breakpoint list”, and we report the lleb as “pending” when you set it so you can tell you’ve made a typo more easily, if that was indeed the reason no locations were found: The array brackets can be used on pointers to treat pointers as arrays:.

The other piece of information in the breakpoint listing is whether the breakpoint location was resolved or not.