Ley Medio Uploaded by. JLuis Rg · Reforma reglamento Uploaded by. JLuis Rg · Uploaded by. Oficina de Planificación del Área Metropolitana de San Salvador (OPAMSS). – Secretaria de de Aguas y Ley de Subsector Agua Potable y Saneamiento. municipalidad y que dan cumplimiento a algunos elementos, de ley, Asistencia. Técnica. Alcaldía. OPAMSS. Entre municipalidad y empresarios.

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Todas estas opciones pueden consultarse en el sitio web: In total there are more than 29 production lines for beverage packaging in cardboard, plastic, tin and glass. LivSmart has important investment projects with the aim of expanding production capacity, areas of product innovation and storage for export. In general terms, the products with the highest growth are: Exports of El Salvador, at the end ofregistered an inter-annual growth of 6. The exports of this lry have had greater growth towards Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

The traveler during the stay will be able to explore several tourist destinations of El Salvador, in the morning visits the Historical Center of San Salvador and in the afternoon the Port of La Libertad in the Pacific Ocean, the cost of each tour is around USD In terms of export destinations, the countries that registered the highest growth were: LivSmart started operations inwith the production of healthy beverages in Central America, producing in El Salvador the nectars brands: Queretaro is home to: Between to the company invested 20 million dollars in a production plant and a raw material warehouse.

Iniciar Previo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Siguiente Fin. The Mexican city that hosts the event is the 5th aerospace opamzs in the world, after the cities of Toulouse, Seattle, Montreal and Wichita.


Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala continue to be the destinations that have experienced the greatest growth. Clothing, Textiles and articles made of textile materials except garments and Sugar. LivSmart is a company with Guatemalan owned group, is part of kpamss Central American Bottling Corporation CBCPepsiCo anchor bottling company, with years of presence in the Central American, Caribbean and South American markets, focusing on the development, production and marketing of healthy beverages.

The BCR highlighted the results of exports in 17 branches of the economy, with the highest contribution: The event of the aerospace and opanss sector is the meeting point of this industry, which brought together representatives of major companies in the world, a place where potential investors are concentrated; for this reason during the mission, PROESA had a stand and held meetings to show the advantages and opportunities that El Salvador offers as a destination for direct foreign investment, as well as the possibility of coordinating an “Industrial Visit” after this meeting.

It should be noted that For the and periods, it intends to invest In addition, it has 11 production lines: Subscribe to this RSS feed.

The opportunity to associate and subsequently acquire Bon Apetit taking advantage of its installed capacity, geographical position of the country, the country has a dollarized economy, good road infrastructure to facilitate the ipamss of the product, as well as having a qualified and highly competitive human resource which allows it to have operational excellence. Some of the reasons why LivSmart decided to invest in El Salvador were: The program is developed jointly with public and private entities such as: Lwy, Nicaragua y Guatemala siguen siendo los destinos que han experimentado mayor crecimiento.

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All these options are available on the web site. LivSmart has shown steady growth in exports. For PROESA, it is important to participate in this type of event, since in addition to knowing the new trends of the aeronautical industry, it allows them to identify companies in the sector with the objective of networking to later organize an investment promotion oppamss.

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The export destinations with the highest growth in this sector are: It should be noted that, within this sector, the destination with the highest kpamss was Vietnam, due to the greater export of cotton underpants, followed by Honduras and Nicaragua.

In the future they seek to consolidate the markets in which they are present, particularly the Mexican market that shows rapid growth.

Mexico and the United States. Only in Livsmart generated permanent jobs, temporary jobs and 5 thousand indirect jobs.

COAMSS/OPAMSS Prezi Institucional by on Prezi

In addition, private tours offered visits to colonial towns like Suchitoto, San Salvador Volcano, and lunch at the Playa Costa del Sol. The international trade of Salvadoran goods, at the end ofpresented an increase of 6. Martes, 27 Febrero In terms of export destinations, the countries that registered the highest growth were:. Becoming in the No. The BCR also informed that According to statistical data from the Autonomous Port Executive Commission CEPAannually at the International Airport there are more than 2 million people from different countries, of whichare passengers in transshipment.