Imet Kevin Mitnick for the first time in , during the filming of a Discovery Channel Kevin put me in touch with the agent who books his speeches. She. Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most wanted computer hacker, managed to hack into some of the country’s most powerful – and seemingly impenetrable – agencies. The world’s most famous hacker discusses his new book, his exploits, his imprisonment and his success. Meet the Ghost in the Wires, Kevin.

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Parts of it read like it’s straight from a spy novel.

Downtime caused by network issue affecting 15 of CenturyLink’s data centers. The idea of networked computers was so new that government was slow to react to those who took advantage.

Book Review: Ghost in The Wires – Kevin Mitnick

However, his reputation was getting him pinned for crimes he didn’t commit. Throughout the book, Kevin points out some of the misconceptions and prejudices held by the public and law enforcement as it relates to the penalties imposed on those who get caught.

Mitnick keeps the structure of the book strictly chronological, with just enough foreshadowing to whet our appetites in anticipation of wirea events. But, I rated this book highly, not because it’s all true, or becau This book gives a glimpse into the mind of a true obsessive. Users report losing Bitcoin in clever hack of Electrum wallets.


Co-author William Simon is a bestselling co-author of numerous books, including iCon the biography of Steve Jobs and Kevin Mitnick’s previous two books. Hackers stole names, addresses, and dates of birth of North Korean defectors.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. There are some technical discussions of what Mitnick did or various software programs he was interested in seeing that, quite frankly, I just skimmed. This unbelievably wild and crazy book describing the “adventures of the world’s most wanted hacker” was captivating from start to finish.

Kevin Mitnick – IMDb

Then this is the book for you. Now that is blinkered thinking. Last year, audiences watched the creation of Facebook on the big screen. Even when he crossed the line and his crimes delved into federal territory, he kept teh it.

This book is probably safe to publish now because the social engineering scams of Mitnick and his ilk have caused such a great reduction in the level of trust in the world. Jul 16, Kaitlin rated it it was ok Shelves: These stories made me root for him to succeed. What’s the most secure OS?

Book Review: Ghost in The Wires – Kevin Mitnick

Te didn’t sell it or distribute it. I can count on one hand the number of people who’ve significantly influenced a generation of IT professionals: Again, still nothing earthshattering. It’s better that you feel that way. John Doe a Sr.


Ghost in the Wires: The Kevin Mitnick Interview

The book follows Mitnick as he starts his social-engineering career. As a hacke The bad: Clever clogs Mitnick likes to dress his manipulation, d There are two main tue with this book: Mitnick does a terrific job describing technical concepts involved in hacking, that I think are easy enough for the lay person to understand, especially because most of his tactics involved social engineering: Anyway, he is thee and despite being deeply bored by a lot of the technical talk because I don’t understand it this was a great read.

The story begins with Kevin describing his propensity for being an early childhood escape artist.

I’m sure it lies somewhere in the middle. Trivia About Ghost in the Wire You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. One time he ditches his elderly, senile grandma to run in fear and save his own ass. I get paid for it now.