General Description. The Remote Resetting, Electrically. Actuated Inbal Deluge Valve is specifically designed for use in fire protection systems actuated by a. The Inbal Pressure Control, Remote. Resetting, Electrically Actuated Deluge. Valve is specifically designed for use in fire protection systems which require. Inbal Valves embody a breakthrough in the conceptual design of automatic . eliminated (as in Inbal Deluge Valve), then the opening speed is faster. 3 way, 3 .

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The only moving part in the Inbal Deluge Valve, when it operates, is the reinforced sleeve, which forms a driptight seal with the corrosion resistant core.

As soon as the releasing system and the sprinkler piping are reset, the Inbal Deluge Valve resetting is merely done by activating the reset knob. Pneumatic Actuation Deluge Valve. It includes custom made applications, technical documentation, special testing, as well as after-sale service worldwide.

The Inbal Hydraulically actuated Deluge Valve is used for automatic or manual operation. Leading players in the offshore, oil refining, oil gas and chemical storage, petrochemical, marine, aircraft hangars, and power generation markets count on Mil for a comprehensive array of automatic control valves, engineered for specific fire protection applications.


Inbal Deluge Valves Archives | Inbal Valves

The valves have threaded, flanged, grooved, or wafer inlet and outlet ends. The quality Assurance system has been approved as complying with ISO standard since Innovation in research and development, as well as superior product design and proven reliability, have established Mil as a globally renowned name in its field. Since Mil has been developing, designing, manufacturing and providing advanced automatic control valves and systems for a wide range of industries around the world.

The control trim includes all the pilot valves, accessories, fittings, and gauges to provide for proper operation in either vertical or horizontal installation.

The Inbal dry pipe system is a sprinkler system employing automatic sprinklers installed on a piping system containing air or nitrogen under pressure.

Meeting the requirements of each customer is an inherent part of Mil’s service. With worldwide sales offices and thousands of product installations in more than 50 countries around the globe, Mil realizes its mission to provide the world’s most advanced control solutions.


The unique design and variety deuge materials and coatings make the Inbal Deluge Valve ideally suitable for use in brackish or sea water, dwluge to those found in chemical and petrochemical facilities or in offshore platforms.

The Inbal Automatic Water Control Valve, which is used in this deluge system, is a pressure operated, sleeve actuated, axial valve designed for use in fire protection systems. In Mil revolutionized the control valve industry by introducing the world’s first N.

Valves For Fire Protection – Deluge Valve

The wet pilot line functions as a thermal detector equipped with a fixed temperature release. It has a smooth opening to prevent any water hammer in the piping system. Inbal Valves are advanced control valves for fire protection systems in: