The Nine Enneagram Type Descriptions. Click on any of the titles below to read detailed descriptions about each of the nine Enneagram types. gender. , male, female. contact | info. Take the Test . Coach Beth and set up a Discover Your Type coaching session to receive personal assistance in discovering your main Enneagram type.

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OSPP Enneagram of Personality Scales

I frequently doubt my own mind. I’m uncomfortable with confrontation and avoid conflict when I can.

To confirm which type you might be, read the type descriptions enneagrammx the Riso-Hudson best-selling books, The Wisdom of the Enneagram and Personality Types – the two most complete and in-depth books in the Enneagram field. Just tfst quick tip. Oscar Ichazo is generally recognized as the principal source [8] of the contemporary Enneagram of Personality which is largely derived from some of Ichazo’s teachings, such as those on ego-fixations, holy ideas, passions and virtues.


Want to know your enneagram type? These two types are often called “wings”. Try not to over-analyze the questions or think of “exceptions to the rule. The origins and historical development of the Enneagram of Personality are matters of dispute.

  AFI 31-207 PDF

Thyer; Monica Pignotti 15 May I tend to focus more on others’ needs than my own. The Enthusiast Type Six: I would prefer to blend in than to stand out. There are different schools of thought among Enneagram teachers, therefore their ideas are not always in agreement. The Loyalist Type Five: Complete your test for further details on this offer. I work hard to earn the respect and admiration of others.

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Science and Pseudoscience in Social Work Practice. Each of the personality types is usually understood as having three “instinctual subtypes”.

The FAST Enneagram Test

I’m known for my yest and intellect. According to this theory, someone classed as a One type, for example, may begin to think, feel and act more like a Four type when stressed, or more like a Seven type when relaxed.

The instinctual energies are usually called “self-preservation”, “sexual” also called “intimacy” or “one-to-one” and “social”.

I tend to dwell on past hurts. The Enneagram is a model of personality in which there are nine personality types, related to each other according to the geometry of the Enneagram figure pictured right. Click here I move on quickly from painful emotions—I prefer to stay upbeat and postive.

It’s important to build up enneagarmma system of mutual support. Also, your responses may be recorded and anonymously used for research or otherwise distributed. August Learn how enneqgramma when to remove this template message.


According to esoteric spiritual traditions, [9] the circle symbolizes unity, the inner triangle symbolizes the “law of three” and the hexagon enneagrzmma the “law of ennwagramma because is the repeating decimal created by dividing one by seven in base 10 arithmetic. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Enneagram Personality. Do not over-analyze the questions, or try to think of “exceptions to the rule. Both contexts say it can aid in self-awareness, self-understanding and self-development.

The types are normally referred to by their numbers, but sometimes their “characteristic roles” which refers to distinctive archetypal characteristics are used instead. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results of the personality analysis produced by this short personality quiz – only that it can help you begin your journey of self-discovery! Sometimes called the “security” and “stress” points, or points of “integration” and “disintegration”, some theorists believe these connected points also contribute to a person’s overall personality.

Occasionally there will be questions that ask you to make a close call twst two choices.