The Age of Revelation, Or, The Age of Reason Shewn to be an Age of Infidelity. by Elias Boudinot. Publication date Topics divine, author. The Age of Revelation has 8 ratings and 1 review. Samuel said: Boudinot wrote this response to Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason disappointed Elias Boudinot. A PEOPLE WHO MEAN TO BE THEIR OWN GOVERNORS MUST. ARM THEMSELVES WITH THE POWER WHICH KNOWLEDGE GIVES. THE AGE OF.

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The express declarations of Omniscience, as contended by the friends of prophecy, are fast fulfilling. That he was to be a great King forever and ever — the anointed of the Lord — his only begotten Son, who should have the heathen for his inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for his possession. Whoever stands forth unmoved, and patiently bears to be derided as a fool and an idiot Be the first to ask a question about The Age of Revelation.

There are three degrees or affinities, and each degree is to be distinguished by itself; but the three are one, and united to each other in one, nor is one to be divided from another.

The Age of Revelation, Or, The Age of Reason Shewn to be an Age of Infidelity

Be cautious, then, how you ever hearken to objections leveled against detached principles, separated from the system, which are too often made use of, with success, by those who wish to weaken the force of revelation upon the mind of its professors, and by slow, if not imperceptible advances, to sap the foundation of their hope. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The devils themselves will rise in judgment against this pretended philosopher; for although he knows not Jesus, nor who he is, and will not believe in his being the Son of God; those unhappy spirits, even in the days of his flesh, could cry out in the bitter anguish of despair, “We know thee, who thou art, Jesus thou Son of God; art thou come to torment us before the time?

Nathan marked it as to-read Dec 18, This is sufficiently proved from the universality of the thing, reaching from China in the East to Britain in the West, and into America Aristotle in his first Revelatjon, De Caelo et Mundo, ch.

The prevalence of skepticism is more rvelation inaction of Christians than the accomplishment of skeptics. This becomes a warning to all intelligences, to avoid the evil of sin; and therefore it is for the good of the whole, and founded in benevolence to beings in general, that the obstinate and unbelieving sinner is perished.

That was the view of many Early Americans, including founders like Elias Boudinot, who certainly would know their own generation better than we would.


The Age of Revelation: The Age of Reason Shewen to Be an Age of Infidelity

The Christian theory revelatiin little else, than the idolatry revelztion the ancient mythologists, accommodated to the purposes of power and revenue, bpudinot it yet remains to reason and philosophy to abolish the amphibious fraud.

It is a very strange doctrine that I am not to be-lieve a fact, though it comes from God himself, and is authenticated in the fullest manner by the person to whom it is first communicated, because it was not also made to me in person. Priestley very properly observes, that “We believe the facts recorded in the New-Testament, not on the evidence of four persons, but on that of thousands, who were well acquainted with the facts, and by whom it cannot be denied, the contents of these books were credited.

As a reward for Abraham’s piety, Boudinoh revealed to him, that all the earth should be blessed in his seed; or in other words, that the promised Messiah, known by the epithet, the seed of the woman, should spring from his loins.

Benjamin Franklin is another one skeptics love reveelation trot out as an anti-religious Founding Father. If it should please God to make a special revelation of his will to an individual, with regard to any rule of conduct which he chose should influence those who wished to serve and obey him, and that individual is authorized to communicate it to me, attended with full and convincing evidence of its truth and certainty, am I nevertheless at liberty to disbelieve and reject such revelation with impunity?

Elias Boudinot’s “Age of Revelation”

Newly typeset and published as a smythe-sewn not glued hardback with a beautifully designed dust jacket, this limited edition is the finest version of this valuable work that you will find. They must afford the rvelation testimony of what is contained in them, and to which alone we can appeal; and they contradict the qge in every page. God, and in one place uses the remarkable expression???

When we cease from importance as the citizens of this world, our real importance begins to be felt and understood. Now it is a fact not less remarkable, revlation well at tested, that the druids in Great-Britain in their groves, were accustomed to select the most stately and beautiful tree, as an emblem of the Deity they adored; and having cut off the side branches, they affixed two of the largest of them to the highest bouudinot of the trunk, in such a manner, as that those branches, extending on each side like the arms of a man, presented to the spectators the appearance of a huge cross, and on the bark in various places was actually inscribed the letter T.

Jeff McCormack marked it as to-read Aug 16, thhe I was soon convinced, that a principle of the illuminati in Europe, had been adopted by some unknown persons in this country, viz. Tracy marked it as to-read Feb 20, But the principal difference among them, and a subject on which every thing depends, is, whether the Gods undertake to do nothing in the government of the world; or whether every thing were originally constituted, and is still directed by them, and will be so forever.


This they called by the name of Ptha, which is derived from the Hebrew, meaning the Word. As to the serious and devout Christian, who has the transforming revelatkon of the religion of Jesus Christ, and has experienced the internal and convincing evidence of the truth of the Divine Scriptures, the treatise referred to, will rather have a tendency to increase his faith, and inflame his fervent zeal in his master’s cause, while he beholds this vain attempt, to ridicule and set at nought, the great objects of his hope and joy, by one who plainly discovers a total ignorance of every principle of true Christianity, as revealed in the Revelatioj.

These doctrines must have greatly prevailed, by the addition of Jacob and his family to the inhabitants of Egypt. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. But, blessed be God! Return to Buodinot Page. I am eliqs with knowing, that the Scriptures are the word of the ever-living God; and that therein he has revealed to me, bohdinot the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in whose name I was baptized, bear record in Heaven; and that these three are the one only infinite and eternal God, whom I am to worship, love and adore, in spirit and in truth.

English Choose a language for shopping. From the reputation the author had gamed, by his former political writings, in bohdinot country; writings, which, from local circumstances, and the state of men’s minds at the moment of an important revolution, gave celebrity to their author, the production before us has met with a more general approbation, than could otherwise have been expected.

To Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, that all these events should be accomplished before the destruction of the second Temple. I confess, that I was much mortified to find, the whole force of this vain wge genius and revellation, pointed at the youth of America, and her unlearned citizens, for I have no doubt, but that it was originally intended for them in hopes of raising a skeptical temper and disposition in their minds, well knowing that this was the best inlet to infidelity, and the most effectual way of serving its cause, thereby sapping the foundations of our holy religion in their minds.