E. M. Forster: Two Cheers for Democracy ( words) Published in Two Cheers for Democracy is Forster’s second collection of essays after Abinger. Two Cheers for Democracy has ratings and 13 reviews. Greg said: Essential Forster. As an essayist E.M. Forster is every bit the equal of George Orwel. Two Cheers for Democracy – E.M. Forster – Two Cheers for Democracy – E. M. ForsterI do not believe in Belief. There are so many militant.

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For not France, not even Europe, is visible. In theory we cannot. St Paul certainly did not. Ravitch, The English Reader p. The fresco is indignant, and so it is less disquieting than the potato-feeders of van Gogh. Most men possess this warmth, though they often have bad luck and get chilled. We part company with a man who has been determined to sec what he can of this contradictory and disquieting world and to follow its implications into the unseen— or anyhow to follow them round the corner.

Two Cheers for Democracyfirst published by Edward Arnoldcontains essays, articles and broadcasts written by E. Raymond Mortimer of the New Statesman and, more particularly, J. The dictator-hero can grind down his citizens till they are all alike, but he cannot melt them into a single man. And that Orwell was a bit of a nagger cannot be denied. How, then, can we put any trust in personal relationships, or cling to them in the gathering political storm?

Two Cheers for Democracy by E.M. Forster

We have not done much in painting or music, and patriots who pretend that we have only make us look silly. He has got round money because he has sought suffering vemocracy renounced happiness.

If you look at a photograph of our enemies they may strike you as able and brave and formidable, even heroic. I hate the idea of causes, and if I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend I hope I should have the guts to betray my country. Suppose you are planning the world distribution of food.


However, one of the deputation pulled himself together and gave, I thought, an excellent performance in the same key. They are regarded as bourgeois luxuries, as products of a time of fair weather which is now past, and we democract urged to get rid of them, vorster to dedicate ourselves to some movement or cause instead. The little room has become a suite of offices, the reaching out dmeocracy individual to individual has become a great national organization with branches and affiliations all over the British Isles, and indeed outside them.

It does not guarantee the production of masterpieces, and masterpieces have been produced under conditions far from free — the Aeneid, for instance, or the plays of Racine. I am sure we shall win through. It was a lovely evening.

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Even the Institut de France notices, heavy-browed, dreaming of cardinals, laurels, and reclame in the past. So, though I am not an optimist, I cannot agree with Sophocles that it were better never to have been born. It does not divide its citizens into the bossers and the bossed – as an efficiency-regime tends to do.

I do think, though, that a different interpretation of English literature would be attempted in our schools. Their enormous ears are sewn against their scalps, so that they listen in with a vengeance. Spiritual 1 Such a comfortable word! Culture and Freedom 2.

It had passed a defence regulation for the control of literature, and had placed all printed matter under a censorship. Hero-worship is a dangerous vice, and one of the minor merits of a democracy is that it does not encourage it, or produce that unmanageable type of citizen known as the Great Man. And there is forstwr to be said for such optimism: They have revised schoolbooks, falsified Czech history, forbidden the singing of S national songs, and subsidized German educa- tional institutions, for which the Czechs have to pay.


The only satisfactory release is to be found in the direction of complexity. I will purge the nation of them, and let no one take part in their corruption — his day of punishment will come.

This brings me along to Democracy, “Even love, the beloved Republic, That feeds upon freedom and lives”. Around it are gathered its cooler allies, criticism, froster calm use of the intellect, informing the mass and moulding it into shape. His remedy would fail.

Two Cheers for Democracy – E.M. Forster

It jumped a bank of slush, slid upon the pavement, caught hands, upsa! Beginning with the Pelew Islands, which I have only visited vicariously, I flit via India and South Africa to the United States, to Europe, to England, and finally spiral down uppn Abinger, the village in Surrey which was for many years my home. And that discipline may be aesthetic, rather than social or moral: And since to ignore evidence is one of the characteristics of faith, I certainly can proclaim that I believe in personal relationships.

You can read it here on my website: The moon, which had been trying various styles from Neon to Pantheon, now imitated a pretence-balloon. Two Cheers for Democracy. They are sensitive for others as well as themselves, they are considerate without being fussy, their pluck is not swankiness but power to endure, and they can take a joke. In Polahd the fate of culture has been still more tragic, since Poland is a conquered country: This seems to me the only course appropriate to a demo- cracy.