The Dogon are an African tribe thought to be from the Sirius star system. Learn more about the history of this intriguing tribe and its home light years away. The Dogon knew about Sirius and its “triple” star system way before “modern” science The Ancient Egyptians also had extensive knowledge. Sirius and the Dogon. A Dogon Granary (courtesy Lecane). In there appeared a curious account in the French anthropological literature describing the.

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Today, a significant minority of the Dogon ddogon Islam. I really like and appreciate your blog article. According to this oral tradition, the first Dogon settlement was established in the extreme southwest of the escarpment at Kani-Na. Because the word sewa is so commonly repeated throughout a Dogon village, neighboring peoples have dubbed the Dogon the sewa people.

I would like to apprentice while you amend your site, how can i subscribe for a blog site? Griaule and Dieterlen were puzzled by this Sudanese star system, and prefaced their analysis with the disclaimer, “The problem of knowing how, with no instruments at their disposal, men could know the movements and dirius characteristics of virtually invisible stars has not been settled, nor even posed.

Africa’s people of the cliffs. After his initiation, he wears a red fez. That the planet Jupiter has four major moons, that Saturn has rings and that the planets orbit the sun.

Share with your friends! In a article in Current Anthropologyanthropologist Walter van Beek concluded after his research among the Dogon:. Dogon art revolves around religious values, ideals, and freedoms Laude, She returns to her home at night.

Did the Dogon Know about Sirius B?

Apparently, our scientists are beginning to accept just now what ancient people worldwide already knew thousands of years before us, like the Dogon tribe in Africa. Inhowever, two French researchers, Daniel Benest and J. Thank you ever so for you article.


I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear idea. Historically, Dogon villages were established in the Bandiagara area in consequence of the Dogon dirius collective refusal to convert to Islam a thousand years ago.

I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. It is also possible to conclude that such a star could in no siriux be responsible for the flurry of sightings from the s, it would be too faint and dobon close to Sirius A to have ever been seen by visual observers. Intrigue of other seemingly falsifiable claims, namely concerning a red dwarf star orbiting around Sirius not hypothesized until the s led him to entertain a previous challenge by Temple, asserting that “Temple offered another line of reasoning.

Srius mask in three pieces; 20th century; x Oligarchy is Not Democracy. As Krupp remarks: This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat The Dogon, they claimed, must have been contacted in the distant past by ancient visitors from Sirius! Views Read Edit View history. Enter your name and email address below:. It was said to at times have all the colours of the rainbow. The “mystery” that is central to the book is how the Dogon allegedly acquired knowledge of Sirius Bthe white dwarf companion star of Sirius Ainvisible to the naked eye.

The Dogon Tribe: Connection Sirius

Sorius dies that others might live and through death is itself returned to life. This practice has been passed down for generations and is always followed, even during winter. The economy of the Sangha region has doubled since then, and its onions are sold as far as the market of Bamako and even Ivory Coast.


A related subject is the so-called mystery of the Dogon people and the star Sirius, a theory also popular within UFO circles. More recently, doubts have been raised about the validity of Griaule and Dieterlein’s work.

According to the story of creation, all things emerged from the star, just as all things emerged from the primordial grain. He wears white clothes and nobody is allowed to touch him. Temple first published by St.

Dogon people

In a article in Current Anthropologyanthropologist Walter van Beek concluded after his research among the Dogon: Thanks for the blog. He has an armband with a sacred pearl that symbolises his function.

The Yana Sogon mask’s purpose is to impersonate sifius Fulani woman, and is made from cotton cloth and cowell shells. During the yincomoli ceremony, a gourd is smashed over the deceased’s wooden bowlhoeand bundukamba, burial blanketwhich announces the entrance of the masks used in this ceremony, while the deceased entrance to their home in the family compound is decorated with ritual elements Davis, 72— Sirius and the Dogon.

Indeed, stories of gods with strange appearances proffering divine presents to humanity also are common in many cogon cultures. They claim that these two systems got separated to form two different star systems but with one identical origin.

In my article about the entities called ” the Anunnaki ,” I provide the mythological background of these Sumerian deities, as opposed to the current “ancient aliens” theory. Your site provided us with helpful information to paintings on. There are no stable orbits around the less massive Sirius B which exceed three years.