q = Copyright © ScottjohnsonDrums, LLC sec. DITOEIGHT BD 2 3 Snare Drums Tenor Drums Bass Drums ” R solo! # $ r r L! # $ # % # # R! # $ r r . sec. DITOEIGHT. 12/28 d = solo >> >> 2 Unison > > > > 3> > > > >. 4 .. .. Rrr LRrr LRrr Rrr LRrr LRrr Rrr LRT LRrr. Snare Drums. We are a Mississippi Gulf Coast Children’s Charity Percussion Marching Band.

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My cymbals keep breaking.

sheet music trade

How to mic your kit. So I missed my cake day yesterday I was traveling.

Oh well, here’s something I was saving. A few years ago I discovered we could write on our bathroom wall sanre washable marker.

So I wrote out Grievous Groove.

I did it from memory in one “session”, but it’s pretty close. I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and written out all the exercises in my head before. I would write a bit, then be like, “Wait It’s cool to know I have the notation ability to write out the stuff in my head, including the stuff I just make up sometimes.

  JIS H 5302 PDF

I’m envisioning this on a bathroom stall wall. You’re sitting, shitting, thinking, drumming on your thighs, and writing on the door. My housemates were like, “Damn dude you were in there for like an hour.

Maybe I should get a silver sharpie and write out The Ditty or something in one of the bathroom stalls on campus. At or maybe after a certain point, it transcends simple graffiti and becomes art, in my opinion. Do ’97 Ditty, though. That’s the only one I know When they brought it back init was okay. Now it’s Ditoeight, and sucks.

Ditoeight sheet music by Scott Johnson (concord blue devils)

Although I like the ’04 version a little more ditoeighf the ‘ It’s only a tiny bit different, but I think it sounds cooler, so that’s the one I usually play. There was a time back in high school when I could read that but that was 10yrs ago. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.


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Want to add to the discussion? Could be a fun project. I should start shitting with pens more often. This is interesting content. Glad you like it.