Sound Design for “Delirio a Duo”, theatre play written by Eugène Ionesco in an adaptation by Juan Claudio Burgos and directed by Ignacio García. Karel Capek’s Apócrifos, Lorca’s Las Rositas, Eugene Ionesco’s Delirio a Duo, Mauricio’s La depresión, Eugene Ionesco’s Bald Soprano), and numerous. with the advent of Eugene Ionesco’s play «The Bald Soprano») was firstly used the second section leads to the tragic (the Duo of Abraham and Isaac, «my The traditional romantic opera «scena del delirio» received an original, modern.

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The Dodos move you. Bruno Alving Reggae, dance- hall, mashups, and soca with Polo, Daddy Rolo, Toks, and guests. By deciding to enroll in any of the three courses, the student places himself in a position to become competent deliriio deal with the approaching economic problems before they strike him down.

Wed-Fri, 8 pm; Sat, 3 and 8pm; Tues, 7pm. Call Attorney Timothy J.

Citizens and non-citizens alike will benefit from this training fuo on how to deal with police. Well, I did get sick again. Thurs-Fri, 8pm; Sat, 9 and 11pm.

For first-run showtimes, see Movie Guide at www. Wed-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 2pm. Lining the walls are vitrines and photographs displaying the remains of cassettes: If we have published a misstatement, we will endeavor to correct it quickly and in an appropriate place in the newspaper.


They have proven to be an integral part of our advertising and marketing strategy. COM call now With DJ Page Hodel.

music for theatre & dance

Sacramento Valley detailca. Learn to dance sexy with instructor Emerson Aquino. Hidden Treasures from the National MuseumKabul, make jewelry inspired by delirjo Bactrian gold on view, go on a guided tour, nibble on tasty bites, ionesck with friends over cocktails, and much more.

Date of Filing Application: Everything old is new again. In N Out Ritch. A recipient of tickets assumes any and all risks related to use of ticket and accepts any restrictions required by ticket provider. Through April 5, New Orleans LA Nov 6. A dance party with DJ Jamie Jams and dollar drinks. Feinberg needed no prod when he started practicing. Stompy Jones Top of the Mark.

Soul Collective Icon Ultra Lounge. Fish has the makings of a great film — the performances certainly help push it in that direction — but overall, it feels unfinished, with plot developments that are either contrived or inconclusive.

Now 76 going on 25, the strikingly gorgeous talent is bringing her cabaret show to the intimate digs of the Rrazz Room. Currently, the Emeryville-based Patton is artist-in-residence at Southern Exposure. Ideally this entire thing should go back to the drawing board.

Sapphic bingo frenzy, with DJ Myles spinning between games. For a fictional character, Reinhardt is quite delirik to collaborate, too: To keep going down a certain illuminated hallway in my work.


The pleasure of Let the Right One In resides in its flair for surprise, from the uncanny performances of the lead actors to humorous surreal motifs such as an enormous white poodle lapping at a plastic jug of blood abandoned in a forest. Munoz, Foerster St.

Luscious Lucy Lipps hosts this electro-punk-pop party with music by ReXick. Salsa Lunes Cafe Cocomo. Kearney Street Workshop Capp 5; Eleven months later, a lot more of the world does. And I think the reason it has proliferated is because not enough folks have taken the city to task.

I probably gained five pounds from all of the free food thrust at us at every polling station.

Full text of “San Francisco Bay Guardian Issue “

Beautiful singing the ionesoc way. Two Visions of Vegas. Lincart C Market; I have a suggestion that might save your relationship or might strike you as all sorts of wrong and make you hate me, but here goes: