Exam Hints The CSSGB applicant should take into the exam: C C C C C Numerous #2 pencils A calculator (with basic scientific functions) The CSSGB Primer. 1) Order the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Primer (QCI) and Solution Text – This will provide you with almost everything you need to know to. Get this from a library! The six sigma green belt primer. [Bill Wortman; Quality Council of Indiana.;].

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The Quality Council of Indiana CSSGB Primer – How Much Is Needed?

Posted by James Compas on Aug 22, Posted by Gretchen Peterson on Aug 24, 8: Posted by Amanda Foster on Aug primet, 8: Posted by Theodore Hessing on Sep 17, 2: Posted by Joseph Basala on Sep 17, 8: Posted by David Harry on Sep 17, 9: Which books were the most useful, which were the least useful? What should I expecting upon entering the exam?


Any good tips or tricks? Best to you as you prepare! When I went through my BB I really wished there was a road map. So, I made one.

This is my experience prepping for the Black belt, but it works just as well as prepping for the Green Belt. Go in with a Strategy of how you are going to go through the exam. Have your materials tabbed and highlighted.

Go through the BoK and do a gap analysis to identify any deficiencies to target your studying. Like Joe mentioned, you absolutely don’t want to leave any easy questions at the end unanswered because you spent too much time looking up some answers or struggling with some calculations.

To answer questions in 4 hrs minutes your Takt time needs to be 2. Need to get it down to about a two minutes per question so you have time to review some answers.

the six sigma green belt primer

If you use the Quality Council of Indiana Green Belt Primer as one of the best references, I suggest you make a copy of often looked up or important pages Index, Tables, Formulas, who’s who, etc. Make copies single sided so you don’t have to flip over and highlight and make notes on the Index.


If you buy the CSSGB flash drive, don’t be afraid to try to take the exam several times without looking anything up just to see how well you guess at correct answers. You will be surprised that you really don’t need pprimer look up most answers.

That’s the best advice I can give.

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