Hello everyone! I am generally very proficient in Solidworks and have little trouble figuring out how to accomplish what I need done, but this has. COSMOSWorks Professional. Finite Element Analysis with COSMOSWorks Paul M. Kurowski Ph.D., SDC. Schroff Development Corporation. SDC Publications: Online Resources for Engineering Analysis with COSMOSWorks ().

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All exclusively from Cadalyst! This is especially helpfulwhen designing containers that carry hazardous cosmosowrks, such as these propanetanks. Users can define material properties, loads, and restraints in any order, but they all must be defined before running a study. When you specify a drop height, the program automatically calculatesthe velocity just before impact.

I have tried restraining the part in several different ways but the result is either that the center cylinder section of the shaft is completely fixed inaccurate or the stresses in the part are unrealistic and do not represent the way the shaft is breaking. To get the most out of the simulation, some questions should be addressed beforerunning the analysis:. Define as many as what-if design scenarios.

Upfront Drop Tests in COSMOSWorks – Digital Engineering

Solution time after impact is 205 in microseconds. I understand that there are many things to consider aside from static loading but I want to nail this technique down before moving on to fatigue and vibrations.

Run the study or selected design scenarios. On one hand, this version simplifies several of the analysis processes for comosworks users. Development of an integrated tool able to optimize the geometric features of a door trim Chief Architect has been around for more than 10 years and has earned a solid reputation among its target group. Solid Works vs Creo Entire site Article Author Event News.

As for industry use, Solidworks is cosmksworks more widely used than creo because creo is too expensive and is more cumbersome when it comes to doing Because each simulation can have tens of thousands of time steps, itmakes sense only to save the important ones. Complex nonlinear analysis technology underlies ease of use.


I think my problem occurs when I try to apply a restraint. It employs the finite element method for performing FEA finite element analysis. All times are GMT. Althoughboth approaches are equally accurate, implicit solutions of impact problems suchas cozmosworks drop tests take longer to solve. Specify restraints and loads. Although experienced COSMOSWorks users will find the steps involved in runningdrop tests familiar, the cosmoswrks behind them is more complex than it looks.

Solidworks is definitely much better than creo.

As I said before, applying any kind of restraint to the center of the shaft results in that section not bending under load, which makes sense.

It’s refreshing to review a product that has no pretense of being something “entirely new and Jeffrey Rowe is an independent mechanical design and technical communications consultant. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Figures cowmosworks – 6: How cosmoxworks you select the time steps to save from your results?

COSMOSWorks 2005

There is a force from the wheels on the second cylindrical surface green as you move in from the ends of the shaft. Figures 3 through 6 illustrate this stresswave progression. No rotations of the model can be considered until the initial impact occurs. When the object under study hits the floor, a stress wave originates from thepoint of impact and travels through the length of the object and then travelsback, an effect similar to the ripples when a stone hits water.

Problems exporting sweep as STEP The goal is to model the old, unreliable shaft as well as the new design which does not break and find a reliable stress plot which indicates the location of the break. On the other hand, several analysis capabilities are expanded, which should appeal to more experienced users.


Or, what happensto the structure of a storage tank if the crane putting it in place should dropit? This is not an add-in Regardless of the study type, all analyses follow the same basic steps: What is mechanical cad? How can I check the dimension of iges file in solidworks? In her easy-to-follow, friendly style, long-time Cadalyst contributing editor Lynn Allen guides you through a new feature or time-saving trick in every episode of her popular AutoCAD Video Tips.

For how long after impact should one observe or capture the solution? Is there a way to create a restraint in CW that will allow the entire shaft to bend as it would in real life? I am generally very proficient in Solidworks and have little trouble figuring out how to accomplish what I need done, but this has me stumped! Below is a screenshot of a similar axle.

The speed gained through technology and through ease of use makes it simple forusers to run drop tests on their designs, and adds a welcome dimension to overallupfront simulation. Of the various types of analysis that COSMOSWorks performs, I found the most interesting one to be the new drop test figure 1especially for an analysis product in this price range. For example, a paper clip will lose its shape whenbent beyond a certain point.

Attachment My problem occurs when defining constraints and loads. This article examines what a design engineerneeds to do to perform such a test, what kind of results he or she will obtain,and explores the technology behind such simulations.

For the user, running drop tests looks and feels just like doing any other COSMOSWorksanalysis; setting up a drop test is just like setting up any cossmosworks study.