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We will try to cover as much as possible so that we may meditate at all times on the One Who died for us and loved us. Remember how the Lord your God has led you in the desert for these forty years, taking away your pride and testing you, because He wanted to know what was in your heart.

If He made all these things good, of what sort is He who made them? He was taken back to the Church, because the people were expecting him to pass away, but he asked his helper to take him back to his tomb, and with his might and authority began chanting:. Samuel was a great prophet of Israel because he restored the royal priesthood to where it should be, since the high priest at the time, Eli, failed to exercise proper parental authority and showed partiality when his own sons sinned.

The number thirty-four is coptuc, in that our Lord Jesus Christ lived on this earth for thirty-three and psalmod half years. For how could something incorporeal be nourished by the body?

The Old Testament is an old song, the New Testament a new song. In doing so, Pharaoh and his chariots drowned and the people were freed from the bondage of slavery they faced in Egypt under the reign of Pharaoh. Out of his foolishness bkok his ignorance, he will end up falling into his own snare, bringing to death his own men when we arm ourselves and destroy Him with the sign of the Cross, as David the Prophet spoke, saying. For whether there was necessity of repentance or confession, or tribulation and trial befell us, or someone was persecuted, or, being plotted against, he was protected, It is through the Holy Psalmody that this answer may be found.

Wherever God wills, there the fire spreads, there the cloud hurries, whether it carries in it rain, or snow, or hail.


The second psslmody of the first verse of the Psali is even more important than the first part. We asked God to deliver us, and He brought us out of land of sin and slavery into the wilderness. One final symbol is made concerning the Ark.

Kiahk Psalmody

It is only through humility that we may endure. If we use this analogy, we see the humility of St. In reciting the hymn of Exodus, we are driven to repentance and emotion because we are reminded of our former life when we were under the rule of the devil. But when the good man sees what the wicked has suffered, let him cleanse himself from all iniquity, lest he fall into a like punishment, a like chastisement.

Not only does this canticle bring to light the wonderful things the Lord did in Egypt, but King David professes His power over the kings and rulers of this world.

Deacons of the Coptic Diocese of the Southern United States

Very little is known about the actual beginnings of the Psalmody, but historical accounts date the beginning of this prayer to be as early as AD. The second part of this hymn deals with the vengeance of the Lord and the judgement He will bring upon those who have not heeded His words. This Canticle is filled with a great deal of symbolism and brings meaning to our lives.

One of his most famous pieces was titled On the Incarnation. Thus they come closer to those who imitate in their ways St. Mary though we know that she had a great role in the mission of Christ, so great that she bore the title of the Mother of the Apostles.

copitc This which was taken from you, O undefiled, He made with Him as a hypostasis. Mary is very simple. Therefore the word Theotokos means God-bearer and commonly translated as Mother of God. It is only when we humble ourselves, realizing that we have not lived a strong Christian life, that we become closer to God.

The Cherubim that cover the Mercy Seat are also important. These Holy, life-giving words show that our Lord has truly changed us in the prayer of the Holy Psalmody. This is due to the high level at which they are and because they have special favor before God.


This psalm is a beautiful psalm, which encourages the creation to praise the Creator. Unworthy, indeed, both our eyes of these sights, and unworthy are our ears! It then moves further into the Old Testament, reminding the people of the mercies of the Lord, who brought them out of the land of bondage.

The first psaljody for the praise of the heavens, the second part calls for the praise of the earth and the third part calls for the praise of the earth and the heavens as they are joined within the Church. John Chrysostom, who instructed us saying.

You cannot have one without the other. King David realized this very fact when he wrote. The Ark is also likened to St.

Mary has always been a focal point in the Orthodox Church.

Coptic Heritage | Studies in Hymnology

For My flesh is food indeed and My blood is drink indeed. What a powerful meditation. This is a type of St.

Even though we are sometimes presented with the presence of a barren land, having very little fruit to harvest, our Lord pulls us through it so that we may confess as the righteous Job did saying. The children then followed Moses and crossed the sea to the other land, and as the book of Exodus tells us, the sea then came back upon the Egyptians who were in pursuit of the children of Israel, and they drowned and died at the bottom of the sea Exodus And they sang responsively, praising and giving thanks to the Lord: This coal is likened to the nature of our Lord.

The number twenty-eight is significant. The third beautiful meditation that can be taken from this wonderful praise of the three youths and their desire to ask the creation to praise God, is taken from H. We have taken a wondrous journey so far. The tenth order is the order of the human saints. We will meditate on the tune of Hos erof ari ho oo shasf sha ni eneh. We then pray the prayer of the saints, glorifying God Who worked through them, followed by the song of perfect praise and of joy.