Lie-proof your life with Carl Sagan’s “baloney detection” checklist course of their training, scientists are equipped with a baloney-detection kit. Based on the book “The Demon Haunted World: Science as a candle in the dark” published by Headline, The following are suggested as tools for testing. The Fine Art of Baloney Detection is an essay by Carl Sagan in his constitutes what Sagan very politely calls a “Baloney Detection Kit.

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The Baloney Detection Kit

In this essay, he gives advice for devising conclusions, as well as advice for avoiding logical and rhetorical fallacies. Together, the set of warning signs for common fallacies constitutes what Sagan very politely calls a “Baloney Detection Kit.

Here is given the type of fallacy, a definition of each, and an example from the current internet.

Sagan makes a few suggestions about the “tools” a skeptic should keep ready in their Baloney Detection Kit. These are not merely measures to identify bad arguments, but constructive ideas about how to come up with better alternatives:.

The reason that most Christian geologists can’t see it is the same, plus the cal that they have believed the scientific establishment more than the Bible that they claim to believe is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. This type of argument relies on the identity of an authority rather than the components of the argument itself.

Argument from adverse consequences. Saying that because the implications of a statement being true would create negative results, it must not be true. We refer the reader to the Answers in Genesis page on the non-constant speed of light. Never mind the consequences if the speed of light changed from fast to slow; atoms and the energy of photons would be so messed up that the early creation earth would probably fry any young earth.


Of balloney, the saagn just put a “time dilation field” around it, and everything is OK. Never mind that there is no evidence for it. Stating a universal principle, then insisting that it doesn’t apply to your assertions for some reason. Baloneh occurs when a statement has an unproven premise. It is also called “circular reasoning” or “circular logic”.

This assumes the answer to the question. Remembering the instances where you predicted that it would rain for an event, while ignoring all of the instances where you predicted rain and there was none. Astonishment when confronted with the fact that half asgan all people have an IQ belowa value that was defined as the median score in the first place. Evolution isn’t good science, since it can’t be proven.

Intelligent design is good science, because it can’t be disproved. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. Excluded middle, or false dichotomy. Arguably, valoney you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.

Assuming a current trend has remained constant throughout its history and will continue to do so in the future, even though no evidence suggests such an extrapolation is justified.

Slippery sloperelated to excluded middle.

The Fine Art of Baloney Detection – RationalWiki

If gay marriage is legalized, all of our children will be converted to homosexuality, and Satan will win. Confusion of correlation and causation.


People who go to church are happier than others. Thus, God makes people happy if they go to church. The fact that atmospheric scientists still have minor disagreements about the specifics of global warming is misrepresented as indicative of a lack of consensus about the existence of the phenomenon. So it is with evolutionwhich also is host to minor disagreements as to how it happened, e.

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This page was balooney modified on 7 Julyat Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: For concerns on copyright infringement please see: This might be Skepticism. But we’re not sure. An ad hominem argument attacks the messenger, not the message itself. Statistics of small numbers. Ignorance about central statistical assumptions and the definition of metrics.

Correlation does not equal causation. Currently the earth’s magnetic field is decreasing in intensity. At this rate, according to the time-frame supposed by evolution, the field would have originally been so powerful as to render earth inhospitable. Evidence, of course, suggests that the earth’s magnetic field not only waxes and wanes, but even switches polarity every so often.

Just because two phenomena happen simultaneously does not mean that one causes the other.