Sdn. See elsewhere in catalog for matching aluminum dash panels. Panel. Pr. 65 Sdn. Here is the latest restoration offering from BUGPACK. Option #3. Browse our Virtual Catalog. Click the banner below to view our updated online catalog for free on your computer. This will require flash. – The catalog. Volkswagen Parts and Accessories Online Catalog Bugpack is now part of EMPI Inc. We at EMPI look forward to serving both Bugpack.

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Now we are expanding the line by offering the popular shaft kits featuring our own precision made bronze bushing.

Designed specifically for our breather box kit it will work on many others. Install without removing cylinder head.

Bottom of seat has mounting studs permanently molded into the 9 x 12 base. Spring loaded button is ideally suited for use as a starter switch or horn button in race cars. Excellent choice for daily driven street and off road buggy applications.

Pieces cataloy listed individually in our restoration parts section of the catalog. BRACKET Your choice of either straight or 90 barbed fittings which complete the installation of either our fuel pressure regulator or our electric fuel pumps. Simply slips over cafalog handle and secures with set screw. These case savers provide a better thread than original design steel stud to aluminum case. Sold in matched sets of eight. You just cant afford to depend on stock parts when the going gets rough.


Fits just like the original emergency brake boot.

Has cut-out for external cooler fittings. These are precision made units and come complete with shims for setting up the rocker geometry correctly. Relocated compact 12mm spark plug holes which bugpackk strength to the head.

The conversion looks clean catallog fits in the engine compartment nicely. We also offer a variety of you finish it exhaust kits for custom racing applications, which includes a stinger,mergedcollector welded andstraighttubing,benttubing and all the flanges needed.

Off-roaders may find the breathable type more comfortable because of its ability to allow air to circulate around the seating area.

Bug Pack Catalog

Kit is supplied with our heavy duty valve springs, chromoly retainers, and hardened valve keepers. A must to insure warranty on our camshafts. Looks great with our chrome filler tin. Just like OEM bygpack comes complete with gasket.

A must for the serious engine builder! Hubs are designed for mounting several styles of race pulleys with 6 allen bolts supplied for the ultimate strength pulley combo! Available in two heights, standard or short for sand rail applications. Simple to install by drilling and pop riveting. Used by professionals as the surefire way to keep plug and coil wires from shorting due to moisture exposure.


Bore x Bore x Stroke x.

Bugpack: Parts & Accessories | eBay

These are quality precision made not junk! A must for single carb race classes.

Starting with a high quality, nonporous steel alloy casting and then we totally machine it using only the latest CNC state-of-the-art equipment.

Patentedmicron mesh nylon material stops sand and dirt before it gets to the air filtration system. We offer a complete line-up of heavy duty CV flanges and boots to complete all your drive axle combinations. Stainlesssteelvalvecovers haveinnovativeretainingchannelwhichlocksthevalvecovergasket in place!

All headers and components are jigged welded for a perfect fit. Corrosion resistance is also realized due to the higher nickel content.