If there’s one thing that annoys me about the e, it’s the manual. At just 22 pages of loose-leaf text, this is — like the synth itself. Do they come with one? Or the system? Are they scanned and online anywhere? Getting my system here between today and Tuesday night. Just looking to see. I’ve been working hard to collect some of my favorite original Buchla tutorials into a single site A comprehensive look and functions and uses of the basic modules of the Buchla e modules. BEMI Music Easel Aux Card: a video manual.

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Other improvements include internal MIDI buses, more voltage controlled parameters, a router for signals and control voltages, velocity sensitivity, and a redesigned output section of the complex oscillator module. A few new modules have also been added including a duophonic pitch class generator and a triple morphing filter.

Up to degrees of phase shift. With five cabinet sizes to choose from from 2 panels to 18 panelsno two systems may look alike, and they can range from just a module or two to the complex analog beast pictured above.


Collected Buchla Tutorials | Todd Barton

Keyboard — e — 27 touch-keys sensitive to velocity and pressure. Speaking of patch storage, the e will only store knob settings and switch position but not patch cable routings. Patch storage and recall.

It is still an analog synthesizer, but with some 21st century improvements, most notably the addition of Mankal control, patch memory storage and digital hybridization.

It is totally true to the original in sound and response. As awesome as having modern day Buchla analog systems available for purchase is, they are still very hard to come by.

It can function as a real time performance filter, a programmable compound equalizer and even as a spectrum transferring vocoder. Download Buchla Manual.

The price tag, learning curve and really old-school nature will certainly put this system out of the realm of the casual musician. The e series is truly an analog-digital hybrid modular system with an analog user-interface but a state-of-the art underlying electronic system designed to provide stable, dynamic musical sounds with exceptional sonic quality.

Filter — e — Three voltage controlled filters, independent or linked in parallel with morphing capability. Memory — Patch storage for all knob settings and position switches.


Collected Buchla Tutorials

It is even possible to add some of the original classic series modules to it, and to add the new e series modules to an original system. The e may be new but it is still a classic modular system. Almost all analog signals are also controlled by digital componentry for maintaining stability or to enable patch storage, for example.

A preset manager is also incorporated. Download Buchla e Manual.

New systems must be ordered directly from Buchla and they are expensive! Uses waveshape table driven synthesis with analog circuitry.

Buchla 200e

Two rings provide spatial information in three dimensions. Envelope — e- Four voltage controlled envelope gens with attack and decay plus sustain mode and more LFO — e — Complex Waveform Generator. The e series is not exactly analog either nor digital. That means potential customers must start with an empty cabinet, and select the synthesis modules from the e series to design manyal system to their personal needs.