Bergdorf Blondes is the chick lit début novel of Plum Sykes, an English- born fashion writer and New York “it girl”. The book was released in hardcover on . Laura Barton on the girls about town in Plum Sykes’ Bergdorf Blondes. The reputation of the fairest of the fair sex gets another mauling in Plum Sykes’s label-strewn tale of husband-hunting, Bergdorf Blondes.

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Sex and the City fans.

Both books talk about the famous editor, but the treatment in each book is completely different. Had it been written better or more precise without abbreviations, etc it wouldn’t have had that same personal quality. She ends up deciding to return to England, only for her car to break down bt to her parent’s house.

Irritating? Moi?

I haven’t read such a funny book in a long time. I loved every page! Despair occasionally strikes when her latest prince turns into yet another toad, but it’s nothing an invitation to blondew uber-exclusive Hermes sale and a gallon or so of Bellinis can’t fix.

But it’s hard to care about the airhead-ed characters.

Bergdorf Blondes

But what is Moi to do when her engagement falls apart? Sep 05, Jordan rated it it was ok Recommends it for: The protagonist, known throughout the book as ‘Moi’ is a British girl who wants to be American, she escapes England, and a very snobbish American mother who is desperate to marry her to the Earl next door in spite of the Chair Affair, due to which the families are pllum enemiesand comes to New York where she lives the ‘Champagne Bubble’ life of a Bergdorf Blonde plim she is a brunette who went to Princeton with her best friend, the quintessential New York Park Avenue Princess Julie Bergdorf.


There was a hilarious scene in bllondes Blondes” involving a doomed book club meeting. All the guests care about is the eligibility of the cute, but shy book lecturer. Our unnamed London-born heroine is New York’s favorite “champagne-bubble-about-town” and just as effervescent and exhilarating as a fine bottle of Dom Perignon. The storyline was hard to follow and I bergcorf the characters to be pathetic, shallow, and hard to relate to. Dec 30, Stacy rated it it was amazing.

Unfortunately, the characters are much less likeable than the characters in those other books because they are shallow, shallow, shallow.

The a Review was originally posted on Alexa Loves Books Bergdorf Blondes was a pleasant chick lit read that combined three of my favorite things – New York City, traveling to various exotic locations including England and a relatable protagonist who enjoyed shopping, beauty rituals and writing. Aug 23, Diana rated it it was ok Shelves: There, she meets a Hot Italian Prince, but it turns out he has a wife and children.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a suicide counselor for ten years and I more than anybody understand how serious suicide is, but this book made it so completely ridiculous it made the entire book make sense.

Review: Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes | Books | The Guardian

Moi is quick to point out that she is not blonde, that she has a career, as a fashion magazine writer no less, and that she happens to be a conduit for the lives of the rich and blonde around her. Park Avenue princesses with ridiculous concerns, who plot how to get the best out of a sample sale at Chanel, Front Row Girls, muses, waiting lists for I read this book yesterday.

Paperbackpages. I couldn’t even like the main character “Moi”. I’m fascinated at how people with such wealth and seemingly sophisticated lives could be, in reality, such trash. Apr 27, Somi rated it it was amazing. It was basically like Sex and the City but 10, times more vapid and pointless. I read many negative reviews, and they almost put me off reading what is actually the funniest book I’ve read in a long time.


Sukes produced a viciously funny trip into a glittery, glitzy world we sure wouldn’t want to live in but would be endlessly fascinated with. Not my kind of book generally, but I had heard it was good and I bought it ages ago like in or something and figured I ought to read it. I was sykkes taken aback because this one was just too much for me.

This causes the protagonist to realize that Charlie had never intended to be dishonest and she eventually meets up with him at his home, where they reconcile and officially become a couple. blondee

There is a similarity to the television show Sex in the City, in that all men who wander across the pages are either appalling or unutterably wonderful. Park Avenue princesses with ridiculous concerns, who plot how to get the best out of a sample sale at Chanel, Front Row Girls, muses, waiting lists for designer handbags, fundraisers to save ‘whatever’ and such wonderful and extremely quotable quotes that I was laughing out loud almost every page.

One wishes Sykes had abandoned chick lit conventions and bared her Nars Candy Darling-varnished nails with an all-out Tom Wolfe -style satire. Then again, blonddes read Bergdorf Blondes, neither am I exactly filled with love for her. I would def read more Plum Sykes books. Sykes has or probably will create another book that tops this one, but that is okay by me. But part of the fun of that is getting to live through the characters, but God help me; a little bit of this goes a LONG way.