Athanasius: Select Works and Letters Four Discourses Against the Arians. Reason for writing; certain persons indifferent about Arianism; Arians not .. These Orations and Discourses seem written to shew the vital importance of the. Looking for an examination copy? If you are interested in the title for your course we can consider offering an examination copy. To register your interest please. The Orations of St Athanasius Against the Arians: According to the Benedictine Text (Cambridge Library Collection – Religion) (English and Ancient Greek.

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The Catholic doctrine stated.

Frumentius was consecrated, and returned to Axum, where he so laboured as to earn the title of ‘ Father Salama, the door of mercy, who illuminated 1 Ruf. It was probably after the third exile that Epiphanius, on asking Athanasius what he thought about Marcellus, inferred from a significant smile that he considered him to be ‘ not far from heresy,’ but to have ‘ made a defence for himself.

Four Orations Against the Arians

But he had soon to hear of a repetition of the sacrileges and orztions of the days of Gre- gory. In the second treatise, Athanasius begins by stating the primary truth of the existence srians one supreme Creator, and then shows how, 1 See his sayings in Coteler.

Newman, in the 3rd ed. It was in a. Thus, in the words of Gregory Nazi- anzen 2′ by the suffrage of the whole people,’ — a phrase which cannot mean less than the earnest resolute manifestation of their desire, constituting morally, if not formally, what was otherwise called a ‘ choice arinas ,’ — ‘ not according to the villainous fashion afterwards prevalent, nor by bloodshed and tyranny, but in a manner apostolic and spiritual, was Athanasius elevated to the throne of Mark.

Ischyras, he said, was not a priest 4 ; he was a man of no good character, who had received a pretended ordination from the schismatic priest Colluthus, but had been 1 Sticharia.

Against Epiphanius’s story about Theonas, see Tillemont, viii. He then, it is added, exhorted the parents of the young officiants to train them up for actual Church ministry ; and the ‘ boy-bishop,’ in particular, having been duly sent to athahasius, was ‘ given back ‘ to Alexander as a ‘ deposit,’ and ‘ bred up, like another Samuel, in the temple.

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Lucifer, who sympathized intensely and exclu- sively with the Eustathians, and whose hard narrow mind was all the harder and narrower for his sufferings, had resolved not to wait for his brethren’s counsel, and consecrated Paulinus as bishop of Antioch.

At first he treated the order with indif- ference ; but, finding that the emperor was in earnest, he wrote to the Egyptian bishops requesting that search might be athanasihs for Arsenius, and sent one of his deacons to prosecute the inquiry 4. For ever habited in cloke and vest, he was pleasant of address, ever persuading souls and flattering; wherefore what was his very first work but to withdraw from the Church in one body as many as seven hundred women who professed virginity.?

There is no absolutely conclusive evidence as to the date of these Discourses, in fact they would appear from the language of ii. Many Catholics, we are told, were terrified into dissembling their belief; many fled into the deserts, in order to avoid the dominant party 3. Marcellus was acquitted of heresy on the strength of his own declara- tions ; but these, as we can see, were too vague to be really adequate 5and apparently the Western prelates did not under- stand how his anti-Arian zeal 6 had hurried him into the use of language which implied that the Word, though eternal, was impersonal, that the title ‘ Son of God ‘ belonged to the merely human Christ in whom the Word was ‘actively’ manifested, and that this manifestation would have an end when the Word returned into its original repose in God 7.

These provisions were afterwards misquoted by Roman bishops athznasius ‘ Nicene. The Eustathians were called after bishop Eustathius ; see above, p. But the point is, that Constantine would naturally take them in a sense athanasjus, at least, was not that con- demned at Nicsea. A third, which became more famous, was levelled principally at one of his priests as his agent, and ran thus: As before, Lent 6 was the time chosen for the arrival of 1 Theod.

But, as an Arian bishop is his companion, he is repelled by the answer, ‘ We may not pray with those who are in athahasius with Arians. Quirinus, and perpetrate atrocious cruelties and profanations.

But 1 See Echellensis, Eut. Ixxiii of the question at issue, ‘ Is He a real Son of God or not?


To the north of this ‘ Jewry ‘ Athanasius passed much time, as a young student, in the ‘ Dida- scaleion’ or Catechetical School 8so famous for a line of teachers including such names as Dionysius, Origen, and Clement: They have naturally become, as Montfaucon observes, the mine whence subsequent defenders of the Divinity of our Redeemer have drawn their material.

But those who follow the heretics, though they have innumerable successors in their heresy, yet anyhow bear the name of him who devised it.

Writings of Athanasius. Four Discourses Against the Arians – Discourse I

He repaired to Nicomedia, but was there seized with a long and distressing illness 2and also obliged to rebut a second charge, that he had sent a purse of gold to a rebel named Philumenus. The faithful gathered around him weeping.

Looking out towards the shore, he saw a party of boys who were evidently imitating Church ceremonies ; after watching them for a while with interest, he observed that they were enacting a mimic baptism. But all his early studies were subordinated to the object of becoming ‘ a agaiinst instructed unto the kingdom of heaven.

NPNF Athanasius: Select Works and Letters – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

He wrote a Fest. Ivi On the Life the darkness of Ethiopia with the brightness of the light of Christ 1. Texts, like Mark xiii. In the autumn Basil wrote again, and the tone which he adopts towards Athanasius is very remarkable.

Still it was going rather far to talk of Con- stantius’ ‘well-known benignity’ c. Eusebius proceeded to Alexandria, in order to consult Athanasius as to the remedy for confusions produced by the Ariminian Council ; but Lucifer hastened to Antioch, leaving two deacons to represent him.

According to the beautiful story which we owe to Rufinus 6a visitor from ‘Ethiopia’ requested an interview with the 1 See Newman’s note, Hist. Longing to return to his church, he signed two documents, — one, a repu- diation of Athanasius, and the other a Semi-arian formulary 6. This led to a correspondence, carried on actively in