Naipaul’s controversial account of his travels through the Islamic world was hailed by The New Republic as “the most notable work on contemporary. Among the Believers is V.S. Naipaul’s classic account of his journeys through Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia; ‘the believers’ are the. The novelist VS Naipaul has caused an outcry by comparing the in the Muslim world for his books Among the Believers and Beyond Belief.

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Perjalanan ini dimulai pada pertengahan tahun di Iran, ketika masih hangat-hangatnya Revolusi Islam di Iran. Then, Naipaul talked about the interior Sindh which is now almost as undeveloped as it was then, he actually recounted the whole Chachnama with his own interpretation of that histroy. Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali is interviewed.

Among the Believers by V. S. Naipaul | : Books

However the book was painful. We think that he is just being realistic and trying to figure out and make order of the things but the truth is that he uses these dark images and tone in order to convince the reader that his perception about Hyderabad is the right one.

This is an ideal state and can be achieved with hard work. A traveler must naipwul incorporate his own views, ideas and ideology in the believrrs but it is done consciously and unconsciously sometimes.

The other is the view that an Islamic state is perfect. Extremists who want to impose strict Islamic law are at war with the Pakistan Army and have targeted civilians and state apparatus numerous times with terrorist attacks. His journey starts on a jeep along the Kunhar River with a young university student Masood and a handsome jeep driver. Excellent book and a must for all those interested in the subject of today’s confrontation between the West and Islam.

He also met several non-Muslims living in Muslim countries, such as a young Iranian communist who believed that the only country that had known true freedom was Russia between andhis revolutionary fervor matching the religious fervor of his Muslim haipaul.


However, he fails to mention the fact that it was Islamic rules of Banking from which the West drew the outline for modern banking adding the concept of interest. Help Center Find new research ghe in: The monologues are interspersed with sequences of analysis so brilliant, so penetrating, that they consistently astound, at times conveying insights that take the breath away.

You should have a girl.

My problem is he takes these informants I mean that in the linguistic sense too seriously just to tear them down as straw men. Satu hal yang menarik perhatian Naipaul lainnya adalah gerakan Imaduddin di Institut Teknologi Yogyakarta, yang mengajarkan Islam dengan cara yang benar-benar berbeda dengan yang dilakukan Muslim di negara lain.

Naipaul is not as much vitriolic as repetitive and static in his reporting.

I can’t help thinking there was more to their thought processes than Naipaul let on. He observed very believes every aspect of others culture and analyzed them in a very specific tone that reader accepts that aspects as a reality and cannot help themselves to escape from his strategies that he used in order to convinced his readers.

Want to Read saving…. Nusrat was a journalist on the Morning News. Naipaul mengunjungi pesantren di Jombang yang pernah dijadikan lahan studi Ivan Illych, tetapi kesan yang diterimanya kurang bagus karena guru ngaji pesantren itu tidak bisa berhenti dari tugas mengajarnya untuk menemui rombongan Naipaul.

Talking to a few people he tbe generalization of the entire community. To show the Englishmen and their language superior Naipaul has also exaggerated the fact that Agha Babur thought highly of English language. When he meets a friend who was a civil servant and a poet he proposes that leaders involved in making Pakistan should have focused more on developing institutions instead of saving faith to which his friend replies with the mainstream answer that it was the people who corrupted the land, faith had nothing to do with it.

Does medicine or science for that matter have addresses? It is not hard to see he had real insight into the shortcomings of the newly politicized, self-proclaimed Islamists.


Moreover, in his travelogue, he discussed the historical perspective of Islamabad and Karachi. Naipaul presents the western civilization as universal, always in creative process and the Muslims bound to take help from them though they do not like their ideology. Believefs was famous for its woodcarving.

Onward Muslim Soldiers

This point is well made and I generally agree with the thesis, well expressed in the following excerpt – “. When he skipped Punjab, he quickly reached the foothills of Himalayas, the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Preview — Among the Believers by V. Dalam kunjungannya ke Jogja, bersama Umar Kayam dan penyair Linus Suryadi, Naipaul terpesona dengan unggah-ungguh Umar Kayam dan orang-orang Jogja dan bagaimana Islam di Jawa adalah Islam yang datang ke masyarakat Hindu-Bunda dan menggunakan elemen-elemen Hindu Budha yang masih layak pakai, demikian juga dengan agama Kristen, agama keluarganya Linus Suryadi.

Among non-Arabs Islam is more inclined to crystallise into regimented forms and fixed images. He concludes that Islam as a form naipsul Government leads to amomg and institutions that are feudal in nature and ultimately reliant on the West for technology. Another very important perspective of this passage is the way he describes the month. I read this as I was traveling through Malaysia, actually.

VS Naipaul launches attack on Islam

His interest was inspired by the events in Iran, as viewed on a TV screen in Connecticut. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The West produces superior science and technology, but Islam is better spiritually.