Pellinor is a fantasy series by Australian author Alison Croggon, spanning four books. The series is the retelling of the “Naraudh Lar-Chanë”, the Riddle. : The Naming: The First Book of Pellinor (Pellinor Series) ( ): Alison Croggon: Books. The Naming: The First Book of Pellinor (Pellinor Series 1) and millions of other books . The Singing: Book Four of Pellinor (Pellinor Series) by Alison Croggon .

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The fantasy quartet follows the saga of Maerad, a young slave girl who discovers she is the inheritor of a powerful gift, one that marks her as not only a Bard of the School of Pellinor but also the chosen one destined to save their world. Together with the help of her mentor and eventual romantic interest Cadvan, and younger brother Hem once known as CaiMaerad sets out to fight an otherworldly evil that threatens it.

But with darkness gathering, his mentor Nelac and rival Dernhil figure she might still linger yet, alion another young Bard, Selmana, is troubled by an ominous presence and her new ability to travel between worlds. What inspired you to write a prequel to The Books of Pellinor? I can never write a long book ever again in my whole life. That was the genesis.

It was another story I felt I could write. It actually came after I wrote the story. I was mildly making fun croggo some of my academic friends. Pelljnor I was also peplinor about On Exactitude In Science by Borges, and how it did have footnotes, and getting this really dizzy kind of feeling when I was reading it because I was believing the story as Alisoj read it as if it was actually real, as if it was a nonfiction text, not a fictional one, even though I knew perfectly well it was a fictional text.

I liked that, but of course, when it was published I was really astonished that people thought it was real.


I was quite embarrassed. Was Tolkien one of the influences for the books? Because there is a sprawling mythology in them. I started writing the Pellinor books when my kids grew up enough to reread all the books Crogon loved as a kid. I just remembered my first ambition. And then I threw it away when I was aliosn because it was my juvenilia.

But, 30 years later, I suddenly remembered that ambition aliison write a fantasy book. I read the whole thing to my daughter when she was 10 and she paid no attention except when there were girls in the story. Only there are not a lot of girls in all those pages of The Lord of the Rings.

So I was also thinking of the Chronicles of Pellinor as a kind of counter-argument.

So that was one of the things behind it. But also because it features one of my favorite scenes ever, which is when Maerad experiences her first period. It was so funny, but also so relatable.

I thought it was hilarious myself. I made the mistake of reading it to a class of year-old boys once. That went down eventfully. So every significant event occurs when she has her period. What made you decide to do it?

The Books of Pellinor Series by Alison Croggon

Just simply that this is power. Of course, part of that is sexual awakening. What would you say is the benefit of having a fantasy set around a young teenage girl? In the Pellinor books, that return is of a different kind. I wanted to write about things that mattered to me, like what it means to be human and, How do we relate to ourselves and the natural world?

The natural world is not human and in many ways has nothing to do with us, and in a way, it must have its own autonomy. It exists in its own right. That was one of my favorite things.

Well there were lots of inspirations. It was part of being a poet. I joked to a couple of friends that it pellinlr my essay on poetry. So I was kind of drawing on the idea of the sacred, magical making, but developing it and making it in a way a lot more contemporary, if that makes sense.


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All those things go together. But it is actually a kind of magical thing that we can make things and we can make beautiful things. So, it was just making a fantasy around that. Maerad did have a crush on Cadvan when the series first kind of started.

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But when did you realize you wanted to see them together romantically? And how could that be an equal relationship? She also was really, just to me personally, important. And he has respect for her as opposed to just being her mentor and being patronizing.

Did you feel like you learned anything interesting about him as a character? Was your writing process still the same? The world developed in this story in a different way.

I really enjoyed writing that book, but it was kind of tricky because I had to make sure that everything was consistent while at the same time developed because I have all these eager readers who pick that up.

These are things that get past proofreaders and editors and stuff.

The Books of Pellinor Series

And there are other characters in the story, like Saliman. I enjoyed writing him too. Pdllinor, you know, the whole book is driven by the idea of, what does it mean to forgive someone? There are four books and now a prequel. Have you thought about writing another prequel? Or another book in the series? It takes such a long time to write books.

There was that whole question about the crime, redemption, and forgiveness. At some point I had thought about Maerad.