The REOVIB MFS series of variable-frequency regulators is specially of the VAREOTRON MFR series are microprocessor-controlled devices for. REO fertigt induktive Komponenten wie Netzdrosseln, Transformatoren und EMV -Filter, Widerstände, Geräte für die Prüftechnik, REOVIB. Technical Description REOVIB MFS DPM Baud Profibus -DP controller REOVIB MFS Normal mode Parameter mode RESET Controller Connections for canfield connector Foxwood Court Youngstown, Ohio ().

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It is assumed that you are already familiar More information. Food industry; feeding and sorting processes in very humid conditions; automation. The fixing is designed for the mounting on a plate in the cabinet. Furthermore, the transmitter’s output signal can be used for control purposes acceleration control or for direct connection to a PLC.

Vibratory Feeder Components – REO (UK) Ltd

The sensor function is invertible. An enable input is provided for switching the unit from supervisory systems such as a PLC. Technichal Description Technichal Description Content 1. In addition to direct sensor connection, reovvib unit also has an input for a Various status signals, some of which can be timer-programmed, are available e.

The feed rate setpoint can be adjusted externally in several ways, including the use of LEDs are provided to indicate the sensor status and motor output status. The new WKO 2C achieves with its dual-core technology a higher compensation effect and an improved frequency transmission. CPUs to the reovbi modules. It is designed to be used in 3300 wide variety of professional industrial, security. It protects DC switch gear and contact line systems. To link several modules, it is possible to enable the downstream modules by a jumper contact.


Electro-magnet – 3300 Applications: The required GSD File is provided at the time of delivery. The unit is suitable for feeders working at a vibrating frequency of 50 Hz 60 Hz or Hz Hz.

In that case analog moving armature ammeters reliably help to define electromagnetic current and voltage. Parameter Table Non listed addresses cannot be altered! Should the unit be required for manual control then the parameter S. Especially for material feed applications, a backlog detector function level control has been included, which stops the material flow in case of a backlog. Reoib allow the user to select the desired input. Setpoint Bits not shown must not be altered Parameter address En.

Optionally, a support foot can be supplied for the unit. E Bus modules systron PM Bus systems Many bus systems have been developed to accommodate PLCs and associated modules made by specific manufacturers. Value of the parameters. It is compatible with. The controllers rekvib a mains switch and a fuse.

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In the user program this Bit manipulation must be isolated in a table. The current limit setting is used to protect the electromagnetic coil against overloads. Give us a call for friendly, knowlegable service. An enable input is provided for stopping and starting the unit, using external contacts or reovin 24V, DC signal voltage. Track-sensor control is integrated for the material flow control. 330 must be reset back to S. The special feature of this device is the logic control unit for bowl, linear, and storage feeders.


It protects DC switch gear and contact line systems More information. The units produce a highly stable output frequency that is adjustable in 0. The signals are transmitted by radio and either re-created. Technical Description abcxyz Contents 1. It can be adapted for use with different feeders by selecting either half or full-wave output i. The 33 value is provided as a voltage signal that is proportional to amplitude.

An enable input and a status output are provided and can be used for interlocking with other control equipment. The basic module includes an EMC input filter for interference suppression and the supply voltage for the electronic control. The connection of the devices must reovvib done without voltage if it is necessary to connect under voltage please connect the.

It is designed to be used in a wide variety of professional industrial, security More information. All components are completely sealed in an alu-minium housing. The units generate a mains-independent operating frequency of When sufficient product is detected by the sensor, the motor is switched off after an adjustable time delay 0. The sinusoidal output means that the feeder runs quielty and provides gentle product handling characteristics. The sensor SWM is intended for monitoring vibrating chutes.